Another one of those ingredients that I've never used before is dill. I didn't even know what it looked like when I went to the store. It ended up coming in such a large quantity that I made more than one recipe with it. First...

Lemon Dill Green Beans
serves 10

2 1/2lb green beans
3T chopped dill
2 1/2T minced shallot
2 1/2T olive oil
2 1/2T lemon juice
2 1/2T whole-grain mustard
3/4t salt
3/4t pepper

Steam green beans.
Whisk dill, shallot, oil, lemon, mustard, salt and pepper. Add green beans and toss.

You can definitely taste the dill in these, so don't try if you know you don't like dill. I thought they were good, and I would make them again, but they definitely weren't nearly as good as these lemon herb butter green beans.


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