Milk Chocolate Cut Out Truffles

Another one of the Christmas themed truffles I made was a milk chocolate truffle, cut into the shape of candy canes, with a candy cane print on top. I bought a lot of my supplies, including packaging, from Country Kitchen Sweet Art. They have a ton of fun baking and candy-making supplies, and a great customer service department. For tempering instructions, see my previous post.

Milk Chocolate (Candy Cane) Truffles
12oz milk chocolate
4.5oz heavy cream
Candy cane pattern chocolate transfer sheet, cut into appropriate sized pieces

Chop chocolate into fine pieces and place in heat safe bowl.
Bring the cream to a light boil, then pour over chocolate.
Cover bowl and let sit for 5 mins.
Using a spatula, stir until smooth.
Pour ganache onto a parchment-lined cookie sheet or pan, and spread to 1/4" thick.
Let sit overnight to set.
Temper chocolate.
Pour a thin layer over the hardened ganache and let sit 5 mins to harden.
Cut ganache into shapes using a small, cold cookie cutter.
Place the cut out chocolate side down on a dipping tool and dip in the tempered chocolate.
Put on a parchment-lined cookie sheet to cool.
While chocolate is still wet, place a transfer sheet on the truffle.
Once truffle is set, about 30-45 mins, slowly peel off transfer sheet.


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