More Ice Cream

As I mentioned in an earlier post, one of my goals for this year is to start baking and cooking with new ingredients. One ingredient I've really been wanting to try is vanilla beans, but they're always so expensive, especially when buying them from local stores. When beanilla recently had a sale on vanilla beans, I ordered a 10 pack each of Bourbon and Tahitian beans.
The first thing I tried making with these was vanilla bean ice cream. This used the same basic recipe as I used for peppermint ice cream, but I tried using half Splenda, half sugar. NOT recommended. The consistency of this ice cream was very weird and after freezing for several days, it was too hard to scoop, even after sitting out for a while. The recipe below is for the version using only sugar.

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
3c heavy cream
3/4c sugar
pinch of salt
1 vanilla bean
3/4t vanilla extract

Pour 1c cream into a saucepan. Add the sugar and salt. Split the vanilla bean in half lengthwise, and scrape the seeds into the saucepan. Add the pod to the pot.
Warm over medium heat, stirring constantly, until the sugar is dissolved.
Remove saucepan from heat and stir in remaining cream and the vanilla extract. Chill thoroughly in the refrigerator.

Remove vanilla bean pod. Pour mixture into your ice cream maker and freeze according to the instructions.

Once frozen, transfer to an airtight container to store.

Once frozen solid, your ice cream is ready to enjoy! Try it plain, or add some toppings.


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