Summery Drinks

I recently decided to try making Sangria. After trying multiple recipes and not being satisfied with any of them, I combined a few to make my own.

Red Sangria
1 bottle red wine, any variety depending on taste
3 shots brandy
1.5 shots Bacardi Dragonberry rum
1 shot cranberry liqueur
ginger ale
orange + other fruits

Mix red wine, brandy, rum, and cranberry liqueur in pitcher. (Any sweet flavored rum or vodka can be substituted for the dragonberry rum.) Cut 3/4 of orange into slices and add to mixture. Squeeze remaining 1/4 of orange into mixture. Add slices of apples, apricots, or any other fruit desired. Chill.
To serve, fill glass 3/4 with wine mixture and fruit. Fill remaining 1/4 of glass with ginger ale.


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